Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra with Johannes Kalitzke

Friday, 23 April 2021 | Philharmonic Hall in the Gasteig Munich


Isabelle Faust, Peter Eötvös, Clara Ianotta © LMN Berlin


for chamber orchestra [2018/19]
Munich premiere

Peter Eötvös [*1944]

Violin Concerto No. 3 [2018]
Munich premiere

EDGARD VARÈSE [1883-1965]

for 15 instrumentalists, percussion and electronic tape [1960/1961]


Isabelle Faust, violin

Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
Johannes Kalitzke, conductor

about the Programme

Phenomena that evoke special images and states of mind can make mysterious and auspicious titles. In her orchestral piece Moult, the Roman composer Clara Iannotta points to the existential and painful process of growth and metamorphosis that governs the lives of certain reptiles and insects. The Hungarian composer-conductor Peter Eötvös, in his violin concerto Alhambra, was inspired not only by the architecture and history of this famous building: “The many fountains, the surrounding mountains, the incredible Andalusian sunsets – all of this became part of my piece”. In contrast, Franco-American composer Edgard Varèse refers not only to physical landscapes with the title Déserts: it is above all a reflection of his soul, “man alone in a world full of mysteries…”

Photos of the rehearsal
Isabelle Faust © Astrid Ackermann
Isabelle Faust at the rehearsals for Peter Eötvös' violin concerto Alhambra
Johannes Kalitzke © Astrid Ackermann
Johannes Kalitzke conducts the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
Johannes Kalitzke © Astrid Ackermann
Soloist Isabelle Faust with Johannes Kalitzke
BRSO Johannes Kalitzke © Astrid Ackermann
Musicians of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
Konstantin Ishchenko © Astrid Ackermann
Accordionist Konstantin Ishchenko with kazoo at MOULT by Clara Iannotta
Leopold Lercher © Astrid Ackermann
BRSO violinist Leopold Lercher with his prepared instrument for Clara Iannotta's MOULT
Ruben Mattia Santorsa © Astrid Ackermann
Composer Clara Iannotta with electric guitarist Ruben Mattia Santorsa
Ronja Macholdt © Astrid Ackermann
Flutist Ronja Macholdt
Stefan Tischler © Astrid Ackermann
BRSO tuba player Stefan Tischler
BRSO © Astrid Ackermann
Isabelle Faust and the BRSO with Johannes Kalitzke during rehearsals for Alhambra by Peter Eötvös
Clara Iannotta, Dr. Winrich Hopp © Astrid Ackermann
Composer Clara Iannotta with Dr. Winrich Hopp (Artistic Director of musica viva) preparing the grand piano.
BRSO © Astrid Ackermann
Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra with Johannes Kalitzke rehearsing Déserts by Edgard Varèse

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