Les Siècles with François-Xavier Roth

RÄSONANZ – Donor Concert of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation

first guest appearance in munich

Saturday, 23 May 2020 | Herkulessaal in the residency of Munich | 7 pm

Please note that the concert begins at 7 pm.

Introductory talk: 5.45 pm



Jean-Philippe Rameau [1683–1764]

Les Boréades [1763]
Orchestral suite from the like-named opera, selected and compiled by François-Xavier Roth

Philippe Manoury [*1952]

Fragments pour un portrait
Seven pieces for orchestra [1998]

Edgard Varèse [1883–1965]

for wind instruments, piano, percussion and magnetic tape [1950-54]


Les Siècles
François-Xavier Roth, conductor

The Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation’s räsonanz concert is an event to be mounted by Bavarian Radio’s musica viva at the 2020 Munich Biennale.

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About the programme

Is omnicompetence possible? The answer that François-Xavier Roth supplies with his period orchestra Les Siècles is a resounding Yes! The Herald, writing from Scotland, calls it “one of the most exciting orchestras on the planet“. These musicians raise the claim to play every work on instruments from its own era. Audiences and critics are thrilled. In our heyday of specialisation this French conductor leaps through eras and styles with his chamber orchestra, now appearing in Munich’s Räsonanz series. Philippe Manoury’s orchestral piece, brimming with virtuosity, meets a former succès de scandale by Edgard Varèse in which wind instruments and percussion are confronted with factory noise. Déserts transports us into the world of industrial sounds, but also into an infinite interior space “where everyone is solitary and alone”. A similar union of extremes was brought about two centuries earlier by Jean-Philippe Rameau. This universal artist, who produced trailblazing theoretical treatises, eccentric harpsichord music and stunning operas, was unafraid of borders and limitations. To quote one of the heroines of his late opera Les Boréades, written more than two decades a before the French Revolution, “One must love liberty”.

the concert on the radio

BR-Klassik is broadcasting this concert on the radio at 20:05 on 2 June 2020.