Klangforum Wien


Saturday, 9 March 2019 | Allerheiligen-Hofkirche | 7.00 pm

Introductory talk: 5.45 pm


Klangforum Wien © Judith Schlosser
Klangforum Wien © Judith Schlosser

Beat Furrer [*1954]

Kaleidoscopic memories [2018]
Version for two double basses
German première

Ira- Arca [2012]
for bass flute and double bass

Spur [1998]
for piano and string quartet

Invocation VI [2002]
for soprano and bass flute

Intorno al bianco [2016]
for clarinet and string quartet


Klangforum Wien
Katrien Baerts, soprano
Eva Furrer, bass flute
Uli Fussenegger, double bass
Dario Calderone, double bass

About the programme

The second concert devoted to Beat Furrer features Klangforum Wien from his musical home of Vienna, to which he has felt closely attached for years. Many of his compositions were written for the musicians of this ensemble. The earliest of the works on our programme, Spur (Track), is a propulsive high-energy contest between piano and string quartet. Invocation VI, written in 2002 as part of the theatre piece Invocation, is based on the religious outpourings of the mystic poet Juan de la Cruz. Here the poems receive unconventional multi-layered interpretations from the singer and bass flautist. Ira-Arca, a marvellously colourful and virtuosic duo for bass flute and double bass, is inspired by a constructive device from the Incas, in which a melody is created from a combination of inhalations and exhalations. Another expedition into uncharted sonic territory is Intorno al bianco for string quartet and clarinet (2016), which abounds in extreme temporal dilations, slow harmonic sideslips and soaring glissandos – a fundamental challenge to our habitual ways of listening.

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