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Mathias Spahlinger - Farben der Frühe

It took eight years to write this piece - an extraordinarily long time. The premiere of the piece commissioned by the SDR in 1997 was delayed five times before it finally took place in November 2005. In the end, Spahlinger did indeed reveal something new between the rubble of tonal organization and the new construction of an architecture of sound and noise, something that had never previously be heard in this form. By doing so, he probably created a caesura not only within his own creative work but in the production of music today as a whole.


Mathias Spahlinger (*1944)

Farben der Frühe (2005)
for seven pianos

Ensemble SurPlus:
Axel Gremmelspacher, Peter Hoffmann, Sven Thomas Kiebler, Eun Ju Kim, Hansjörg Koch, Irmela Roelcke, Elmar Schrammel, piano
James Avery, conductor

label: NEOS 10710


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