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Carter, Zimmermann – Cello Concertos

Elliott Carter’s compositions are metrically complex and labyrinthine in the way they are interlocked; they are impressive in their structural density and incredible virtuosity. We recognize the influences of neoclassicism and Schönbergian dodecaphony. Musical processes often happen at the same time and lead to violent contrasts. His music, for all its complexity, follows clear compositional principles: simple regular pulses derived from a cleverly thought-out layering of compressed rhythmic networks lead to so-called "metric modulation", the melodic voice-leading develops according to intervallic patterns, the harmonic course taking place in sharply circumscribed units.

Elliott Carter (1908–2012)

Cello Concerto (2001)

Udo Zimmermann (*1943)

Lieder von einer Insel
concerto for violoncello and und orchestra (2009)
Ich hab im Traum geweinet
Reflexion (Come una Cadenza)
Versöhnung (quatuor canones et cantus firmus)

Jan Vogler, violoncello

Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks
Kristjan Järvi, conductor

label: NEOS 11014

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