Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra with Pablo Heras-Casado

Friday, 29 May 2020 | Herkulessaal in the residency of Munich | 8 pm

Introductory talk: 6.45 pm


Olga Neuwirth, Arnulf Herrmann und Rebecca Saunders © LMN

Rebecca Saunders [*1967]

for solo accordion with recitation [2018]

Trio in F sharp for accordion, percussion and piano [2018]

Olga Neuwirth [*1968]

for piano and orchestra [2001]

Arnulf Herrmann [*1968]

Tour de Trance
for orchestra and soprano [2019/20]
on a poem by Monika Rinck
Commissioned by Bavarian Radio’s musica viva series | World permière


Krassimir Sterev, accordion
Dirk Rothbrust, percussion
Ulrich Löffler, piano

Anja Petersen, soprano
Tamara Stefanovich, piano
Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
Pablo Heras-Casado, conductor

An event by Bavarian Radio’s musica viva at the 2020 Munich Biennale.


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about the Programme

Uncharted territory can’t be discovered every day, but sometimes a crack unexpectedly opens, allowing us to hear something never heard before. One of those unexpected strokes of luck is Olga Neuwirth’s piano concerto. None other than Pierre Boulez ecstatically proclaimed it to be a major expansion of the piano repertoire: “Its material is in a state of flux, so that listeners are drawn into an experience that leaves them fascinatingly unsettled.” Art can indeed leave us delightfully unsettled if it calls everything into question. The Berlin composer Arnulf Hermann, born in the same year as his wilful Austrian colleague, leaves the comfort zone of rationality in his new work and follows the poet Monika Rinck along surrealist byways. What he is seeking is not certainty or reassurance but psychedelic transformations. Hermann’s newly commissioned work for the Bavarian RSO, sung by soprano Anja Petersen, carries us onto shaky ground in a world where everything seems possible – except an orchestral song.

the concert on the radio

BR-Klassik is broadcasting this concert on the radio at 20:05 on 12 June 2020.