Bavarian Radio Chorus and Symphony Orchestra with Matthias Pintscher

Friday, 7 February 2020 | Herkulessaal in the residency of Munich | 8 pm

Introductory talk: 6.45 pm


Matthias Pintscher und Nina Senk © LMN

Nina Šenk [*1982]

Concerto for orchestra [2019]
Commissioned by Bavarian Radios’ musica viva series, kindly supported by the friends of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra e.V. | World première

Matthias Pintscher [*1971]

for baritone, mixed chorus and orchestra [2009-19]

shir I + II for baritone and orchestra [2017]

she cholat ahavah ani (shir III)  for a cappella chorus [2009]

shir IV for baritone, mixed chorus and orchestra [2019]
Commissioned by Bavarian Radio’s musica viva series and the Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest Amsterdam | World première

First complete performance


Georg Nigl, baritone
Bavarian Radio Chorus
Yuval Weinberg/Howard Arman, chorus master
Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
Matthias Pintscher, conductor

about the Programme

Although there has been no shortage of attempts, love has never been sung more beautifully than in the Song of Songs, the Old Testament book that unites earthly fulfilment with a deep yearning for the divine. Composer Matthias Pintscher, too, finds these songs “the most beautiful love poems ever written”. The Song of Songs has left traces in his music that run all the deeper for being set the original Hebrew. “Everything in Hebrew seems so compressed”, he explains. “Each and every word is so rich in meaning, so full of radiance.” His cycle Shirim thus attempts to develop a sonic universe from this language, a universe that seeks to be much more than an accompaniment. Under his baton, this four-part cycle for baritone, chorus and orchestra will be heard complete for the first time at musica viva. Joining it is a newly commissioned piece by the Slovenian composer Nina Šenk, who completed her studies with Pintscher. Over the last two decades Šenk has produced a host of orchestral works that combine her vivid imagination with a special love for the symphony orchestra.

Matthias Pintscher © Astrid Ackermann
Composer and conductor Matthias Pintscher.
BRSO © Astrid Ackermann
Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra at musica viva.
Nina Senk © Astrid Ackermann
Nina Šenk after the world première of her Concerto for orchestra.
Nina Senk und Matthias Pintscher © Astrid Ackermann
Nina Šenk with her teacher Matthias Pintscher.
BRSO © Astrid Ackermann
Bavarian Radio Chorus and Symphony Orchestra
BRSO © Astrid Ackermann
Baritone Georg Nigl at the first complete performance of Matthias Pintscher's SHIRIM cycle.
BRSO © Astrid Ackermann
Matthias Pintscher und Georg Nigl © Astrid Ackermann
Matthias Pintscher © Astrid Ackermann
BRSO © Astrid Ackermann
Nina Šenk (composer) und Matthias Pintscher (composer, conductor)
Matthias Pintscher (composer, conductor)
Matthias Pintscher (composer, conductor) und Georg Nigl (Baritone)
Georg Nigl (Baritone)
BRSO and BR Chor at Herkulessaal
BR Chor
Ivanna Ternay (bass flute)
Stefan Tischler (tuba)
Magdalena Hoffmann (playing the harp with a double bass bow)

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