award ceremony of the happy New Ears-Initiative

Happy New Ears-Initiative by hans and gertrud zender-foundation 2019

Friday, 22 November 2019 | Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts Munich | 5 pm



Presentation of the Happy New Ears-price for composition to Klaus Ospald and of the Happy New Ears-price for contemporary music publications to Jörn Peter Hiekel. Isabel Mundry will give the laudation for the price winners.

Referring to John Cage’s ironic invitation to “listen without prejudice”, the composer, conductor and author Hans Zender has named an initiative by his Hans und Gertrud Zender Foundation, which was founded in 2004, Happy New Ears. The foundation has been awarding the Happy New Ears-Prize every two years since 2011 in close collaboration with the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts, with the musica viva and with BR-KLASSIK des Bayerischen Rundfunks. The award comprises two categories: one prize for composing and one prize for publishing efforts in New Music. The Composer’s Prize is designed for “courageous colleagues who are not merely interested in immediate success”, while the Publishing Prize “aims to show gratitude to people who contribute to the formation of ‘new ears’ with their work.” (Hans Zender)

Find out more about the Happy New Ears Initiative by Hans and Gertrud Zender.

The event on the radio

BR-KLASSIK is broadcasting this event on the radio at 22:05 on 3 December 2019.